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Relentless determination and unquestioned abilities have brought Ed Wright further than he had ever dreamt. Winning the World Championships in 2010 has satisfied his appetite for now but has left him craving more! The Olympic Journey to Gold !
Wright started sailing from the very young age of four, when he first took to the water in Nottingham for a fun blast with his father in his 505. With the initial shock of the speed and water rushing by he knew it was for him and has never looked back. He started competitive sailing soon after and, fortunately living close to the water, was able to accelerate his skill. He was soon selected as a integral member of the British Sailing Team to sail for Great Britain which laid the pathway to his successful sailing career. Studying at Bournemouth University gave him a great opportunity to sail from Weymouth Sailing Academy, the 2012 Olympic venue and British sailing base, where he trained hard throughout his youth.
After a few years at the top of the Laser Class, he moved forward to the Finn Class, a boat that rewards Wright’s physical abilities and technical knowledge. He quickly showed form only a year into his Finn career gaining Bronze at the 2006 Finn World Championships before moving onto greater successes. Enormous focus and motivation towards all aspect from fitness to development have all contributed to Ed Wright's career highlights of winning the European and World Championships and the ISAF World Cup.
It was a spectacular year for Ed in 2010. Starting with two ISAF World Cup wins in Miami and Palma ; followed by gold at the Finn Gold Cup in San Francisco. In recognition of his outstanding performances in 2010, he was nominated for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor Award . Ed followed this nomination with the British Olympic Association's Athlete of the Year Award, a perfect ending to a Champagne year ! .

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Finn World Championships, GOLD


World Cup Series, GOLD


ISAF World Cup Series' GOLD


Finn World Championships, BRONZE


Finn European Championships GOLD


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